Write for Me: Guest Post

I love my virtual village.

 I love the diverse writers, artists, and conversationalists who tweet, comment, and inhabit my internet. As writer, I felt like I needed my blog to be solely my work, my words, but every so often, my words would run dry, fall flat, or just never make it on the screen. After a great deal of thought, I knew that I needed to tap into some of y’all’s creative energy.

Would you guest post for me?

On this blog, I use poetry as vehicle to talk about faith, books, and this crazy journey life. While I am fairly open to a variety of topics, please us the Contact Me Page to let me know what ideas are brewing for your post. Just put in the subject line “Guest Post.”

A few guidelines:


  • Practice Politeness: we may not agree, but I will never accept a post that uses hateful, insensitive language. If you have a question, just send me an email, and we can discuss it.
  • Practice Brevity: Please keep your post 300 to 500 words. This is my blog, and if I break this rule, well, it’s my blog. I will give consideration for posts longer than 500 words, but the writing must be stellar.
  • Prevent Plagiarism: Under no circumstances will I accept a post stolen from another blogger’s site. The writing must be your own work.
  • Practice Creativity: Please submit a new post, and not post you have already posted on your blog. You may link to your guest post, write a blurb, and direct your readership here. Please include a bio of yourself, links to your blog and social media pages, and a picture. Again, you must include the source and link for your picture if you didn’t take it yourself.
  • Practice Patience: I will respond to your post idea within two to three days, but just because I think your idea is awesome, doesn’t mean I will automatically let you post the finished product.

Sound good? What questions do have? Any good ideas for posts? Let me know!

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