Where No Internet Lives

Last weekend, 

I went where no internet lives.

Drive east across the flat sandy hills,

Over bridge so tall

I see over rooftops

To houses, to dunes, to beach, to ocean waves.

Walking to the end of the pier,

Silent and reverent

As fishermen cast out the lines,

Reel in and cast again.

Below me ,

I see the ripples form

Mere wavy lines this far out,

Then white caps roll over

Like an obedient dog

Crashing and tumbling on the shore.

I stand there present.

Where No Internet Lives.

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One thought on “Where No Internet Lives

  1. I’m about due for a trip away from the internet. As busy as I am when we gig, I generally can’t keep up with the internets, and there’s a sense of relief to that. Now to implement that when I’m not busy too.

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