When I Learned to Whisper-Shout

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when I learned to whisper-shout

to be brave, to use my voice,

to speak truth to first my heart

then yours.

and i’m still getting used to the sound of my voice.

and i wished for all the right answers

but feminism isn’t

how to live for dummies.

reading and crying together,

we opened up a space to be safe

(as safe as we are on the internet)

this is the moment, 

feminism became more real, more tangible.

when we became more aware of our



oppressed hearts,

silenced voices–

this is the moment,

feminism brought us together

we talked and laughed and screamed

but came back to listen and learn.

we haven’t shied away from our insecurities

about who we were, are, will be.

right now,

i still have questions

about how to fully live my feminism,

how to teach my feminism without oppression,

how to be comfortable in my skin but not its privilege.

i don’t know, but continue to learn,

let’s continue this journey together.


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