When Hats Become Masks: Guest post

HATSphoto © 2008 Bijoy Mohan | more info (via: Wylio)
Today, I’m guest posting on identity over at Jennifer Luitwieler’s blog. She has been doing a series of guest post on identity which have me made laugh, cry, and think. As all good writing should at some point.  So hop over to her blog for the rest of my posts on identity.


Pardon the cliché, but I wear lots of proverbial hats.


In fact, I may wear enough of these hats to open my own proverbial hat store. What hats? The usual suspects: woman, wife, daughter, stepmother, sister, reader, writer, teacher, student, cook, occasional overeater. These I wear daily, one stacked upon another, an ever-present balancing act of managing all of these various roles, their demands, without bringing the whole lot crashing down on my head. My identity makes for an interesting hat display, or does it? Am I just a whole mash-up of roles, hats, and duties? I think not.


You can read the rest of this post  at Jennifer Luitwieler’s blog.

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