What’s This Blog’s Story?

Where the storytelling happens

We are all storytellers.

Whether we write, sing, click and capture the moment–we tell our stories. I’m writer. Words, my tools, and I share some stories here. Because this is my quiet piece of internet real estate, a small respite, sometimes, a sanctuary. This is my art, my gallery, always a work-in-progress.

Every good artist rethinks her work.

In May, I will have done this blogging thing for 2 years. Most of this time, I floundered and blogged as I felt. But slowly, I know this can’t continue. I need purpose…a reason to keep writing here. I hear rebranding bandied about by other bloggers, finding focus will help gain a following. But as I thought about my blog, I have no idea where my focus should be  or where to go from here.

So may I entreat your help?

In the comment section below, would you share 3 words that describe this blog(or 2 or 1, not particular)? What do I do well? What would you enjoy reading?

Thank you, friends.

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14 thoughts on “What’s This Blog’s Story?

  1. Literary. Smart. Poetic.

    I truly love your poetry. If you wrote nothing but that, I’d be okay. I think you speak well through that medium. Not that you don’t in other ways as well (!!!), but you’re particularly gifted there.

  2. As a fellow mom/blogger/writer, I get it.  It’s a struggle to find focus in lots of things at this stage.  I love your voice and honesty on your blog, and I find encouragement in your journey of writing.  

    1. As writer, I need focus to spark creativity. While I have enjoyed the buffet of writing topics, I know myself as writer and it demands more focused writing. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. I think you just have to keep writing for yourself and what makes you happy. You have obviously been blogging for so long because you love what you write. If you write for someone else, it might be hard to sustain. 

    1. Ahh, the struggle of the writer–writing for me but really wanting others to read it too. I write for myself, but I can’t lie and say that I don’t enjoy a few comments…like every blogger ever. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Good for you (no those, aren’t my three words about the blog). I have been thinking about the same thing and haven’t figured out a way to ask my readers.  You do so eloquently.

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