What Are You Reading Wednesday?

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Sitting in my comfy blue recliner, sipping the lovely creamer rich coffee, reflecting upon the upcoming day–I have become more enamored with the quiet stillness of mornings. Chilly mornings always make me thankful for a warm bed and even more thankful for a large mug of coffee. For me, cold fall and winter mornings should be best spent snuggled up in a thick blanket, sipping coffee, and reading.

Today, I am reading Mary DeMuth’s book Thin Places. So far, her words are healing, beautiful, and filled with blessings.

Question: What are you reading today?

7 thoughts on “What Are You Reading Wednesday?

  1. Honestly, morning is my internet reading time. Evening is when I do my book reading. Maybe in the afternoon, provided I get stuff around the house done.

    Been trying to read the last two Harry Potter books before the movie comes out, but it is not going well. All of my free time right now is being sucked up working on crochet/knitting for a craft show on Saturday. My daughter has been mocking me because she’s read through like the whole series and I’m about half-way through six. Yikes!

    1. Ooh. I do want to read Mary’s book.
      I’ve gone back to An Altar in the World, which I seem to reread whenever I feel a little lost. It brings me back to listen to my life for God.

  2. I am reading the Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. I call it by it’s real name instead of it’s movie name, because that’s the name it’s author gave it. 🙂

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