What are you Reading Wednesday?

Welcome to another edition of “What are you READING Wednesday?”

Today, I’m focusing on blogs. Yes, reading other people’s blogs does count. I decided to highlight some of my personal favorites, and feel free to add your own blog link in the comments.

1. One Hand Clapping by Julie Clawson

2. Evolving in Monkey Town by Rachael Held Evans (also has a book coming out this summer)

3. Pennies and Blessings by Mandy( I went to college with her way back in the day at Tennessee Temple).

4. Revelant blog by Mary DeMuth

5. Sister Wisdom by Annie ( I will be guest posting there soon)

6. Forever Family by Brandy

7. The Conversion Diary by Jennifer

8. My Fellow Word Warrior by Veronica
9. Emerging Women
10. Like a Warm Cup of Coffee by Sarah Mae

Question: What blogs do you read? Where do you blog?

7 thoughts on “What are you Reading Wednesday?

    1. I love reading people who agree with me, disagree with me, or have unique perspectives. I like those bloggers who force me to think, inspire, or challenge my own belief system.

  1. I love reading blogs. If I’m not careful I get sucked down the rabbit hole and don’t come up for hours!!!

    Blessings to you from iFellowship,

    PS…I’m your newest Google Friend Connect follower

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