wash here

Poet Prayers

wash here. i crowd last night’s dinner

plates, cups, spoons coated in grease and leftover chicken

down deep in the soapsuds like a baptismal font.

between the scrub, rinse, dry–

silence eats into the back corners,

recites all of the caked mess life spattered

all over my heart, or worse, i did to myself.

i need to be clean too. with feeble words

heart murmurs, stir up the old woman lies

dunk them in the purifying water–

come out forgiven, new.


This month, we will begin a series of poems on grace. I’m looking forward to spending time contemplating this idea in poetry.

2 thoughts on “wash here

  1. Thank you for this poem — I always appreciate it when people get something deeper from a mundane activity. I always race through to get done. So thank you for this pause.

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