Unveiling The Dark Jane Austen Book Club

New projects make my heart glad.


I’m excited, giddy, and a bit nervous…Okay, I’m very nervous because I want the whole world to like this new project.


But before I tell you what this project is, let me fill y’all in on the back story a bit.


A Brief History:


This project started with a tweet. A small insignificant tweet that grew into a flurry of direct messages, then budded into Skype chats, coffee sessions, and finally it has blossomed into something beautiful.


Drum roll please……….


I proudly introduce y’all to…..


The Dark Jane Austen Book Club

Do you find Jane Austen’s writing beautiful, but think it would even better with a few zombies, vampire, and werewolves?

Then, The Dark Jane Austen Book Club is for you!

Do you secretly wish to find a group or start a group that discusses both the classic works of Austen along with the monster parodies?

Then, The Dark Jane Austen Book Club is for you!

So, take a hop, skip, and a jump over to The Dark Jane Austen Book Club. Don’t forget to pack your sword and crossbow, zombies are roving about the countryside over there.

You can also follow us on Twitter @DarkJaneAusten

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