Trade in the Pompoms: Guest Post

Autumn’s calling cards…

Red and orange and yellow leaves, check. Cooler temperatures and cozy wool sweaters, check. Sunday afternoons spent watching football, check. For most of Fall, football dominates the Sunday afternoon agenda. No, I’m not a football widow during the season. I graciously submit the remote to my Redneck Romeo on Sundays especially during the Carolina Panthers games.

Sometimes, I watch the game too. Sometimes, I watch the cheerleaders. Who can miss all the pompom waving, short skirt wearing, cheerleaders screaming out “Let’s Go Panthers” or insert an NFL team of choice?

In marriage, we are often told that we should be our partner’s best cheerleader.

Today, I’m guest posting on Some Wise Guy…as part of the Some Wise Gal series. To find out WHY we need to trade in our pompoms, head over to Some Wise Guy.

Then read the other contributors and K.C., the blogger and wise guy.

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