to vacuum in pearls: dress for the day

i slumped down in my office corner

books to my left, to my right, above my head

like literary prison bars.

clock blinks the passing minutes,

i barely remember each one.

all sameness in the coffee stained

lavender fleece java themed pants.

my prison uniform–

it has been so long since

i have willed myself out of them.

but i’m trapped.

in this day, this routine

of write, write, write.

i need to break free.

freedom looks like

a silver laced-back cardigan,

purple and pearls,

powder and hot pink gloss–

simply to dust and vacuum.

oh, and a run to the p.o.

(wasn’t  wasting this loveliness until someone saw it).

i felt a chip in my heart

break away from the prison–

ivory towered and sparkling

built with my two hands.

then, the pieces ached to fall

when i allowed myself

another day

of blue and white ruffles

floral print shoes.

i dated myself

a new book and coffee shop writing.

underneath white hazy skies

i whispered thanksgivings

for the gift, this poetry,

this writing.

ivory crashes behind me.

i don’t care–

i’m free.

today, i’m linking up with dear abby leigh, and her lovely idea to just for the day we want!

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6 thoughts on “to vacuum in pearls: dress for the day

  1. “i’m dating myself” – love this! yes. to step out of our fleece and into our “fierce” can feel good somedays 🙂

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