To My Daughter’s Dreaming

Sunset droops behind knotty pines/ and the hush of wind whispers/ Sleep, Sleep, Sleep/ Tonight, the fan whirrs and small lights flicker in the dark/ You dream/ Pink candyland pony wonder falls/ I wait/ Morning comes too soon/ Robs you and me of our fuschia tinted faeryland/ Plants us in the now/ Book bags, blaring bells, long quiet days/ So, let’s tiptoe past day’s guardian/ Sneak away to the moon dancing./


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2 thoughts on “To My Daughter’s Dreaming

  1. This is kind of a bittersweet poem. I love that you suggest you’re waiting for her to come home during “long quiet days.” I have this image of a mother perched on a couch, wandering the rooms of her house, and idly cleaning while she waits for her daughter to return. That image alone draws an allegory on the Persephone myth. I love it when poets do that. 🙂

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