The Shore

This past weekend, I attended Renew and Refresh writing retreat. During the free time, I wandered the grounds taking pictures and writing poetry. This poem was inspired by this retreat. Nature's Office

The Shore

i asked the shore:


why stay here

drowning yourself

in the molasses  waves,

letting the water

drag its claws across your gritty flesh


spitting it out for fish food?


it’s reply:

how else will i see 

the other side?


7 thoughts on “The Shore

  1. This is wonderful! I often ask myself why I choose to remain in some less-than-pleasant place, and the answer usually involves the fact that there are insights there that can’t be found where I’m more comfortable. (I’m so glad you were able to make the trip to be with us!)

    1. So true, we can’t push ourselves, understand ourselves if we stay where it is comfortable. We must do, exist, and live in places that force us to be refined. I’m so glad that I came too.

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