Southern Snow Day

By now, you probably have heard that it snowed…in the South.

Having lived my entire life south of the Mason Dixon, I feel the need to make something clear–SNOW IS A BIG DEAL!

We don’t see a lot of the white frozen stuff. In fact, we have had entire winters in which there was snow at all. So when the almighty weatherman calls for snow, we run out to get our eggs, bread, and milk because we don’t want to be unprepared. Or we might just have a hankering for french toast.

But I digress. Since we get so little snow, I took the opportunity to romp around, to take pictures of my dogs, to enjoy the powdery white stuff until my toes felt numb and my hands were too cold to press the camera buttons. So about 20 minutes have real outside time, then it was all roaring fire, big stacks, and puppy piles for me.

Today’s blog post doesn’t have any literary significance just showing off I spent my snow day or how I took lots of pictures of my dogs which will convince my readers that I am that crazy dog lady.


Cupcake chase Ophelia

Ahh, observe the natural taunting of Springer Spaniel siblings–Cupcake and Ophelia. Can you not see the love? The tenderness? Cupcake’s crazy eyes as Ophelia runs away.

Cupcake cold

You can almost hear dear Cupcake saying: “But MOMMY, I’m cold! I promise I will sit on your lap and be your heating blanket if we go inside now.” Yeah, he broke that promise later when he flopped on to the couch and started snoring.

Ophelia runs


But Ophelia trots ever so lightly on the snow. Its icy crust tickling her toes as she runs toward me. Of course, she wants her belly rubbed because that is the only thing that I am good for…and putting kibble in her bowl. Priorities.

Cupcake and Ophelia run


“Look Mama, we’re flying!”

cupcake driveway

Never knew my dog could fly, did you?

cupcake happy

But at the end of the day, everyone is happy, tail wagging, and glad that the snow will be gone tomorrow.

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On Puppy Birthdays and Crazy Eyes

Today, my life is covered in dog fur.

Fine, it is always covered in fur because I have three shedding machines…a.k.a. Cupcake, Ginger, and crazy eyes Ophelia.

Happy Birthday, Ginger Snap! The only dog I know who is more cat than dog…at times. This is her angry, glare at Mommy face or “Bitch, Please…get that camera out of my face.”

Birthday Girl Ginger was not amused with the Princess Bunny Ears.  She still brings this incident up in therapy with much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Ginger among the flowers…zinnias to be precise. Well, I hope. I don’t know, can’t remember.

“So, how did that make you feel?”

Therapy sessions and napping, I talk she naps.

So, today, I say:

Happy Birthday Ginger!

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