The Shore

This past weekend, I attended Renew and Refresh writing retreat. During the free time, I wandered the grounds taking pictures and writing poetry. This poem was inspired by this retreat. Nature's Office

The Shore

i asked the shore:


why stay here

drowning yourself

in the molasses  waves,

letting the water

drag its claws across your gritty flesh


spitting it out for fish food?


it’s reply:

how else will i see 

the other side?


31 Days of Poetry {day 15} Create

Welcome to 31 Days of Poetry!

Right now, we are almost half way through the month, and I hope that you are enjoying sharing this haphazard poet’s musings about poetry.

Today, I want us to create something.

A bit of poetry to be specific.

In fact, I’m going to make easy for us, and we are going to put into practice a few of the things that we have learned about poetry:

  1. Gives us an image
  2. Presents us with an experience
  3. Invites an emotional response

 So, take a look at this lovely picture

What do you see?

Write a poem.

What do you feel?

Write a poem.

What memories does it conjure up?

Write a poem.

In the comments, write a short three lined poem about the picture?

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autumn walk

walk outside

before sun climbs over

pine limbs, maple branches.

grass slick with silver

almost frozen,

bending the blades

down toward the earth.

breath catches

phantom light,

wisps away in hurried

little puffs.

trees bare trunks

red with cold light

pull the sun higher

for warmth.


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Dear God,

Your Voice

Broke Eden’s Silence:

“Let Us Make Man.”


The Spirit whispered:

“Man betrays,

Man mocks,

Man crucifies.”

You see across

Time’s chasm

To a skull hill,

To vinegar water,

To the tree cross.

But You, God,

Still made


Red clay and breath


Becomes man.

In Your Image,

Eternal Image,




Dear God, 

You gave me

The wrong genitalia.

The right one:

Stands and preaches.

Mine only:

Aches and bleeds.


This hidden

Sorrow courses

Up these veins

To pierce

My already wounded



Till tears

Become my words.

Silent words,

Since Your mistake

Holds my tongue.


But perhaps,

You understand

How to be silent too.

To hold Your tongue,

To choke back Your words,

To drown in tears,

For an over-talking




We sit together

Two bleeding and broken–

You by choice–

Me by nature–

Just simply

To cry.

Today, I’m linking up with Joy in This Journey’s Life Unmasked. Please go read the other submissions and link up one of your own.

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