31 Days of Poetry {day 10} Poetry 101 pt 2

Today, I’m continuing our brief non-extensive, end all be all discussion of poetry. I’m simply providing a brief refresher for those who have or haven’t had a formal course in poetry. Yesterday, we covered some of the popular forms of poetry. Today, we are going to discuss some of the important aspects of the poem itself whether it is a Shakespearean sonnet or a free verse poem.

What are some lovely poetic devices? 

  • Rhyme: Most of you probably know that “rhyme” when 2 words sound or look-alike (sound rhyme and sight rhyme). But rhyme goes beyond just the sound. There are masculine and feminine rhyme. Masculine: 1 syllable rhymes. Feminine: 2 syllables rhyme.
  • Rhyme scheme: a set pattern of rhyme in the poem or stanza usually marked by letters of the alphabet. For example: an English sonnet will have this pattern, ABABCDCDEFEFGG.
  • Metaphor: a comparison not using like or as.(ex. your nose is an elephant’s trunk)
  • Simile: a comparison using like or as. (ex. your love is like a red, red rose. R. Burns).
  • Imagery: showing through a sensory experience.
  • Personification: giving human characteristics to a non-human thing
What else would you add or like help understanding when it comes to poetry?