31 Days of Poetry {day 4} Go!

Welcome to 31 Days of Poetry. Coming this Saturday, I will post this week’s links on poetry. If you have a topic that you would like to have discussed, leave a comment.

to be a poet:

you must GO!

poetry doesn’t live

on the sofa,

beige and bland,

it breathes

mountains air,

drinks in the sea waves,

perches on autumn leaves

waiting to tumble down.

to be a poet:

you must

touch the cool sand,

smell the crackle of fire,

taste the wine,

hear the mockingbirds,

see the French impressionists.

but watching images

flash on a screen

never feeds the senses.

 to be a poet:

you will fail

if you hide behind

the comfortable,

the familiar,

to be a poet:

you must live.

those secrets

let your secrets

dance around you

like the click-clack

of typewriter keys.

push those

words, images, feelings

(the ones creeping into

the shadowland,

hissing in the dark,

whispering your doom)

out into the copper glow

of daylight.

let everyone see

your failed excuses,

your fucked-up-ness.

this is where you find

your strength to

go on.


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