Jesus Crucified–A Guest Post

Today, I’m guesting for my lovely and talented journalist friend, Emily. She has been focusing on the Stations of the Cross, and we shall focus on Jesus Crucified.


Jesus Crucified photo-14



the Word–

the Word who was made Flesh

splayed open

to the humid heat of bodies mingling at the foot of the cross,

to the tears of Mother Mary

to the murmur of sinful syllables

spoken for the Word’s death.



the Word—

the Word who spoke

the tree seed into existence

its roots cut open mother earth’s womb

as limbs reached up, branches contained life and death,

did You, the Word, the Word made flesh

watch as Your cross grew?

To read this, head over to Emily’s blog by clicking here.

Guest Post: Poetry and Pause

Today, I’m guest posting for one very talented reporter, blogger, and friend. Emily Miller and I met at the Renew and Refine Writer’s Retreat back in May. She has been featuring spiritual practices these past few weeks, and I am adding my voice with the spiritual practice of poetry. 

Dew scattered like seeds
Clinging to the silver-slicked grass
Bending low as the Sun dances
Over the trees…

Morning comes too soon. The alarms blares; the dogs whine to be let out; the coffee brews too slowly. Everything crackles with life and immediacy and the pull and tug of its busyness. My mind races through every detail of the coming day just before sunup when the world is still calm and dark and expectant. IMG_0134

“Write this blog post, go to the gym you just joined, finish up those lesson plans, revise your fiction piece…”

To read the rest please head over to Emily’s blog!

Beyond All This: Guest Post

Today, I am honored to welcome another guest post, Veronica Ibarra. 

I first met Veronica whilst working with at risk youth, and we became friends over our mutual love of Jane Austen, fine literature, and zombies. She and I co-founded The Dark Jane Austen Book Club, and she writes for her own blog Veronica Monique: Word Warrior. I am pleased to present her poetic contribution here today.



Beyond All This


It isn’t a room in which I sit,

Where still silence echoes,

And darkness mirrors.

It’s a calm place where the storm rages,

Where acid tears scar my heart

As cherished voices slash deepest,

And sympathy is twisted into disgust.

Reality falls away

Leaving madness in its wake.

Foolishly I believe the lie,

Begging for its obliteration.

Please, help me see.

Give me strength to believe

I am as You made me.

With bleeding fingers I will climb from the abyss.

I will breathe in the light

To hear love and feel bliss

Because You did not leave me.

You live inside,

Deeper than the darkness

Beyond all this.



Heed: Guest Post

Today, I am honored to have one of my new internet friends as guest poet. Meet Mary C. M. Phillips! She is a lovely writer, deep thinker, and fellow dog lover(all poets should have dogs). Without further eloquence, I present her poem: Heed.



Of course it snows in winter

I expect it to be cold

with menacing clouds

and a dull pain

behind my eyes that tells me

a storm is coming.

My Lord says to walk in humility;

“Consider others better than yourself.”

I vow to surrender my pride

promising obedience, I say

“I will not mess things up.”

He then reminds me to

take my gloves and

wear a warm hat.


Mary C. M. Phillips is a writer of narrative essays and short stories.  

Her work can be read in several national bestselling anthologies such as A Cup of ComfortChicken Soup for the Soul, and Bad Austen-The Worst Stories Jane Never Wrote from Adams Media.  Her story, Jumper Cables, can be read in the new anthology, Finding Churchavailable next week from Civitas Press.

Mary blogs at Caffeine Epiphanies, a blog primarily devoted to literary heroines and contributes regularly to The Dark Jane Austen Book Club
As a musician, she has recorded and toured nationally for various alternative rock groups (Matthew Sweet, Marti Jones, Chris Stamey, and Don Dixon) and most recently with Red Wordsa New York based rock-and-worship band.

My essays are based on real life experiences, both humorous and inspirational.  The most satisfying task for me as a writer is to communicate that “A-ha” moment.  Whether in the discipline of short stories, songs, or poems, creative expression is (not only the truest art form) but also a vehicle for God’s love.  

Redeeming Cinderella’s Stepmother

Today, I am honored to be guest posting for Rachel Held Evans. I am sharing my thoughts on faith and step-parenting. 

Redeeming Cinderella’s Stepmother

Summer by Mark Askins

No little girl ever wants to be Cinderella’s stepmother. We dream of princes and balls and weddings and babies, but all of those things would belong to us first. We would mother our own biological children, not someone else’s. No one wants to be a stepmother.


The Bible doesn’t offer us a shining example of a stepmother. We could posit that Sarah was the stepmother of Hagar’s son Ishmael; however, she forced both Hagar and Ishmael to leave after the birth of her son, Isaac. Not the best pattern to follow. Literature isn’t kind to us either. We give away poison apples, prey upon feeble-minded men, and force servitude upon the stepchildren. Even the Greek playwright, Euripides said that “it is better to be a serpent than a stepmother.”


I am stepmother, not a stereotype.


To read the rest of this post, please head over to Rachel Held Evan’s blog. I’m part of her series Faith in Parenting.

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Trade in the Pompoms: Guest Post

Autumn’s calling cards…

Red and orange and yellow leaves, check. Cooler temperatures and cozy wool sweaters, check. Sunday afternoons spent watching football, check. For most of Fall, football dominates the Sunday afternoon agenda. No, I’m not a football widow during the season. I graciously submit the remote to my Redneck Romeo on Sundays especially during the Carolina Panthers games.

Sometimes, I watch the game too. Sometimes, I watch the cheerleaders. Who can miss all the pompom waving, short skirt wearing, cheerleaders screaming out “Let’s Go Panthers” or insert an NFL team of choice?

In marriage, we are often told that we should be our partner’s best cheerleader.

Today, I’m guest posting on Some Wise Guy…as part of the Some Wise Gal series. To find out WHY we need to trade in our pompoms, head over to Some Wise Guy.

Then read the other contributors and K.C., the blogger and wise guy.

Write for Me: Guest Post

I love my virtual village.

 I love the diverse writers, artists, and conversationalists who tweet, comment, and inhabit my internet. As writer, I felt like I needed my blog to be solely my work, my words, but every so often, my words would run dry, fall flat, or just never make it on the screen. After a great deal of thought, I knew that I needed to tap into some of y’all’s creative energy.

Would you guest post for me?

On this blog, I use poetry as vehicle to talk about faith, books, and this crazy journey life. While I am fairly open to a variety of topics, please us the Contact Me Page to let me know what ideas are brewing for your post. Just put in the subject line “Guest Post.”

A few guidelines:


  • Practice Politeness: we may not agree, but I will never accept a post that uses hateful, insensitive language. If you have a question, just send me an email, and we can discuss it.
  • Practice Brevity: Please keep your post 300 to 500 words. This is my blog, and if I break this rule, well, it’s my blog. I will give consideration for posts longer than 500 words, but the writing must be stellar.
  • Prevent Plagiarism: Under no circumstances will I accept a post stolen from another blogger’s site. The writing must be your own work.
  • Practice Creativity: Please submit a new post, and not post you have already posted on your blog. You may link to your guest post, write a blurb, and direct your readership here. Please include a bio of yourself, links to your blog and social media pages, and a picture. Again, you must include the source and link for your picture if you didn’t take it yourself.
  • Practice Patience: I will respond to your post idea within two to three days, but just because I think your idea is awesome, doesn’t mean I will automatically let you post the finished product.

Sound good? What questions do have? Any good ideas for posts? Let me know!

Second Cup Friends: A Guest Post

Good morning y’all, I hope everyone has had a goodly amount of coffee to kick-start this Monday, this month. As a coffee lover, I believe the easiest way to foster a friendship is over coffee.


I’m guest posting for my Twitter friend, Coffee Club founding member, and blogging comrade Alise. Her lovely blog, Alise…Write is gloriously written. I’m honored to begin Alise’s Guest Posting month with this post:

Second Cup Friends

We live in a world of one cup, rushed through friendships.


Our lives spinning through a maniac to do list while squeezing in time for a brief respite of conversation. We schedule our coffee dates to avoid the inevitable guilt-laden nights, the I’ve been meaning to call messages, but mostly the guilt. The comfortable earth toned coffee shop fully equipped with WiFi, just in case we can fit another work task in, serves as the ideal meeting place. Music, loud espresso machines, and other talkative patrons mask the lag of our conversation. Lattes offer a brief distraction from the awkward pauses when we have run out of the compulsory topics—how’s the hubby/partner, what grades are the kids in again, did you hear about…? Coffee gulped and general Facebook fodder shared; we rush off to the next thing and the next thing. Always a rush to check off each box on the to-do list.


To finish reading this post, click over to Alise’s blog here.

When Hats Become Masks: Guest post

HATSphoto © 2008 Bijoy Mohan | more info (via: Wylio)
Today, I’m guest posting on identity over at Jennifer Luitwieler’s blog. She has been doing a series of guest post on identity which have me made laugh, cry, and think. As all good writing should at some point.  So hop over to her blog for the rest of my posts on identity.


Pardon the cliché, but I wear lots of proverbial hats.


In fact, I may wear enough of these hats to open my own proverbial hat store. What hats? The usual suspects: woman, wife, daughter, stepmother, sister, reader, writer, teacher, student, cook, occasional overeater. These I wear daily, one stacked upon another, an ever-present balancing act of managing all of these various roles, their demands, without bringing the whole lot crashing down on my head. My identity makes for an interesting hat display, or does it? Am I just a whole mash-up of roles, hats, and duties? I think not.


You can read the rest of this post  at Jennifer Luitwieler’s blog.

Plant Suicides & Matters of Faith: Guest Post

Yellow Marigoldphoto © 2005 Lauren | more info (via: Wylio)

Today, I can be found over at the lovely blog, Joy in This Journey.  She graciously offered to let me guest post for her blog.

Plant Suicides and Matters of Faith

Carolina blue skies, thin wisps of white clouds, deep forest green leaves, honeysuckle humid air—and I sit book in hand watching this sunshiney day. Here, in this bit of quiet, I savor my brief respite from motherhood’s grand cacophony. Even now, it’s clanging soundtrack of sibling squabbles over too muck milk or cereal or being “misheard,” dishes banging, dogs barking which plays in my head almost pulling out of my front porch seat. Almost, but not quite. This brief moment of morning sweetness too precious not to enjoy.


From my red front porch chair, I swell a bit with pride. I have not killed the flowers in the hanging pots. My newest record to date—3 weeks of keeping cheap Lowe’s flowers alive. This year, I chose rust orange marigolds, yellow marigolds, and striped petunias. What was even better is these flowers lived because I’m notorious for causing undue suffering to my hanging plants(just ask the snapdragons and ferns from last year). But pride does bring one low—there next to my perfectly happy orange marigold, a space, a gap…where was the yellow marigold?


You can read this rest of this post by clicking over to Joy in This Journey. Then, go read her the rest of her blog because it is lovely and well-written.