How I Feel

Right now, 

I feel tired, stressed, worn out, fatigued, empty, drained, lacking all forms of energy…

AND the coffee isn’t helping.

What is helping?

Laughing, writing, smiling, reading, snuggling under a blanket, lighting candles…


Crazy Face Ophelia

Who can resist a puppy? Yes, I may look at this every so often too.

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For Those Days….

We have all had one of those days! At some point, we need to laugh, cry, think, or just simply stay in our pajamas all day, drinking coffee, and reading a novel…

ON this my last day of being 28, I would love to stay in my pajamas, snuggled up with my puppies, and read since the weather is gray, rainy, and perfect weather for laziness. But I can’t.

So, today, I’m giving your something funny…

Something to make you cry….

Something to make you think….

Question: What things are you thinking about, listening to, or writing? Share your blogs, thoughts, whatever you like….