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Hello Friday! 

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Most Fridays, I participate in the 5 Minute Friday link-up with the lovely Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama. We write our hearts out in 5 minutes. No editing, no waiting for the most beautiful, most perfect, most killer blog. We write…cause we are a community of writers.

Topic: Community


We are community.

We live in source code, HTML, a series of 1’s and 0’s. For the first time, we shrink ourselves down to 1 inch squares, smiling as we fill up our Twitter feeds, Facebook pages.

We are a community.

From the first clicks to the blog posts, we write and savor and eat up each others’ hard fought victories, our moments of despair, our moments of change.

We are community.

This morning, I can’t sip my coffee with mocha and Almond Joy creamer without thinking of my #coffeeclub friends. I think of Alise and Liza and Joy and Tamara–our mantra: coffee, prayer, and donkey balls. I love their open hearts and hands and willingness to cry with each other, to enjoy that double meaning one liner, and to make the blogosphere not so cliquey and shit.

We are community.



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Poet Prayer’s: Good- Bye

Today, I’m linking up with Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday prompt. Each Friday, we write for 5 minutes, then publish…no editing allowed.

Topic: Good- Bye

Photo courtesy of Alejandra Mavroski and Flickr Creative Commons


Dear God,


We sit farther apart.

The distance grows

Like the dust

Beneath our feet.

The miles, the miles,

We tread away from each other.

You to Your Father,

Mine to do Your Work.


We whisper


A last word

To break our silence.


We shall notice

Each other’s

Bodily absence,


Another day comes

When You and I

Shall reunite.


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