Second Cup Friends: A Guest Post

Good morning y’all, I hope everyone has had a goodly amount of coffee to kick-start this Monday, this month. As a coffee lover, I believe the easiest way to foster a friendship is over coffee.


I’m guest posting for my Twitter friend, Coffee Club founding member, and blogging comrade Alise. Her lovely blog, Alise…Write is gloriously written. I’m honored to begin Alise’s Guest Posting month with this post:

Second Cup Friends

We live in a world of one cup, rushed through friendships.


Our lives spinning through a maniac to do list while squeezing in time for a brief respite of conversation. We schedule our coffee dates to avoid the inevitable guilt-laden nights, the I’ve been meaning to call messages, but mostly the guilt. The comfortable earth toned coffee shop fully equipped with WiFi, just in case we can fit another work task in, serves as the ideal meeting place. Music, loud espresso machines, and other talkative patrons mask the lag of our conversation. Lattes offer a brief distraction from the awkward pauses when we have run out of the compulsory topics—how’s the hubby/partner, what grades are the kids in again, did you hear about…? Coffee gulped and general Facebook fodder shared; we rush off to the next thing and the next thing. Always a rush to check off each box on the to-do list.


To finish reading this post, click over to Alise’s blog here.

2 thoughts on “Second Cup Friends: A Guest Post

  1. Thanks for kicking off the Guest Post Extravaganza with such a great post! I appreciate it and look forward to someday sharing 3 or 4 cups of coffee with you!

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