Plant Suicides & Matters of Faith: Guest Post

Yellow Marigoldphoto © 2005 Lauren | more info (via: Wylio)

Today, I can be found over at the lovely blog, Joy in This Journey.  She graciously offered to let me guest post for her blog.

Plant Suicides and Matters of Faith

Carolina blue skies, thin wisps of white clouds, deep forest green leaves, honeysuckle humid air—and I sit book in hand watching this sunshiney day. Here, in this bit of quiet, I savor my brief respite from motherhood’s grand cacophony. Even now, it’s clanging soundtrack of sibling squabbles over too muck milk or cereal or being “misheard,” dishes banging, dogs barking which plays in my head almost pulling out of my front porch seat. Almost, but not quite. This brief moment of morning sweetness too precious not to enjoy.


From my red front porch chair, I swell a bit with pride. I have not killed the flowers in the hanging pots. My newest record to date—3 weeks of keeping cheap Lowe’s flowers alive. This year, I chose rust orange marigolds, yellow marigolds, and striped petunias. What was even better is these flowers lived because I’m notorious for causing undue suffering to my hanging plants(just ask the snapdragons and ferns from last year). But pride does bring one low—there next to my perfectly happy orange marigold, a space, a gap…where was the yellow marigold?


You can read this rest of this post by clicking over to Joy in This Journey. Then, go read her the rest of her blog because it is lovely and well-written.

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