My One Word: Resolve

I do not have the power to keep any New Year’s resolutions. 

Since an early age or when I discovered everyone else making resolutions, I would mentally list all of the areas that would be so radically changed by December 31st. I never succeeded. One such year, I wrote my resolutions down in a beautiful blue journal. Of course, I would faithfully write in said journal all year(resolution #2 on the list). My list of resolutions was the only entry. Like so many others, I shrugged off my lack change and went about my daily life. No more thought given my list, my resolutions.

And there is a great community with those of us who can’t fulfill any of our resolutions.

We joke about our diets. We taunt those who have gym memberships that go unused. All of those books that we intended to write, friends to visit, to places to go, art to make–we shove them to back burner. I did. Something always became too urgent, too pressing for me. In my frantic life, I rushed from one emergency to another. I mean isn’t true that full calendar equals a full life? Deep down, I think not.

So instead of joining the resolution makers, I’m joining the #OneWord365 community.

Rather than a list of changes to make over a year, I will structure my life to fit my One Word.

For 2012, I chose the word RESOLVE.

This means in 2012, I choose things with more purpose, resolve to finish what I start. Rather than talking about my writing projects, I resolve to place my rear in the chair and write. For me, I resolve to be tenacious and selective of my time, the things that drain out the life from me. I will find myself saying yes to more things that frighten me, pushing myself beyond what I think I can do. Part of my resolve is to leave no room for fear to grow, to live in my soul, my heart anymore.

But more importantly, I resolve to live each day of 2012 by my One Word.



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5 thoughts on “My One Word: Resolve

  1. Resolve is a good word. I’m thinking of using it as well. 🙂 Some other words I’ve been chewing on are Presence and Fighter. I want to work to have more presence in my life instead of dreaming about what I wish I had, and also to fight against my urges to veer off course – such as with daydreaming, complaining, or lazing around too much.

    1. Go for it! I always choose verbs since they are action words. This year, I plan not to allow myself the “daydreaming” my dreams into reality, but putting real actions behind them.

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