Life Unexpected

Today, I’m joining Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama for another edition of 5 minute Fridays.

The Rules:

  1. Write for 5 minutes on the topic.
  2. No editing or second guessing your words.
  3. Link up and comment on another post

Easy? Yes, it is.

Topic: Unexpected


White mug with a gilded handle holds hot tea not coffee this morning. Wrapped up in a blue penguin blanket, I hack out a few words between coughs and sneezes. Whether stress induced or shared germs, I’m sick. But this should be expected, right? Our bodies fails us, succumb to pain and illness, but yet I’m always shocked when I’m sick. This unexpected disruption to life.

Life is unexpected too. We celebrate victories; we mourn our losses. In our moments of weakness, we see how life brings us other unexpected gifts. Hot tea and orange juice, the words of friends, the gift of a quiet house–all reminders that life’s unexpectedness is both joyful and needful.


3 thoughts on “Life Unexpected

  1. ….”life’s unexpectedness is both joyful and needful.”

    What an awesome perspective.  Either way, full of joy or when experiencing need, unexpectedness is what puts the FULL in life.

    Praying you are feeling better soon-

  2. Ooh, I like this. I like how you focus the unexpected on small things. They’re not always big and noticeably life-altering. Sometimes they’re a series of shifts, and you don’t realize what’s happened until nothing looks the same anymore. I don’t know if that’s what you were getting at, but that’s what I got out of it. 🙂

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