Let’s Just Make a List of Inspirational THINGS

Let’s be honest. If I am going to waste my time on the Internet, I am probably reading some sort of list.

It doesn’t matter what kind  of list. Book lists, top 7 things every successful teacher does, 25 camping hacks that you wish you knew, and that only scratches the surface. What makes this worse is that despite the well-written explanations, I only read the numbered or bulleted things unless I want an more in-depth description of why “The Nest” is the best summer read in 2016 (I read it, loved it, and do recommend it).

So, let’s just make a list. No explanations (or super short ones) of things that inspire me.

  1. Another trip to Napa, California. Another time to feel like I wIMG_3599as in a Steinbeck novel but without the angst and dead puppies.
  2. Swinging in a hammock reading a novel.
  3. Trying to hold back laughter as I listen to a podcast on a plane.
  4. My dogs.
  5. Listening to all of The Lumineers new album “Cleopatra.”
  6. Bringing home a bottle of wine from Napa that I can’t get in North Carolina.
  7. Discovering a dive bar, Henry’s, sandwiched between two fancier restaurants.
  8. TacosIMG_3575
  9. An entire week when I didn’t get up before 7am and didn’t put on real clothes till noon.
  10. Cannery Row by John Steinbeck is surprisingly uplifting and funny.
  11. I really want to start my own podcast, but I have no idea what I would podcast about…ideas?
  12. There are more photos of my dogs than myself on my phone.
  13. Also more photos of my dogs than my husband.
  14. I have a thing for lists that can be divided by 5.
  15. The anticipation of Camp NaNoWriMo and Shark Week both start next week.

What about you? What’s on our list?

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