I Am From

I am from…

I am from the infinite horizon, all the way to the blurry ends of this world and the next.

I am from the solar system, a yellow dwarf star, bright gold always.

I am from the third planet from the center, breathing blues and greens.

I am from the now and the past and the future.

I am from Eve and her daughters, sisters, mothers all.

I am from the West, the First World, the Privileged, the Outspoken.

I am from Erin Go Bragh and God Save the Queen and Hail to the Chief.

I am from the land of  biscuits and greens and grits, y’all’s and supper bells.

I am from the hands planting rosemary, thyme, and lavender.

I am from the garlic and oil–a marriage in the skillet.

I am from the church suppers and chicken dinners and potlucks for every occasion.

I am from the orange church pew, mildewing effigy to the evangelical 70’s, KJV thumped and thumper.

I am from the small voiced child reciting John 3:16 to a dark chapel.

I am from the Sunday School parties, Scripture memory awards, the Bible drills.

I am from children’s choir, blasting my off-key praises.

I am from the poor family in a rich church, the pitied, the unpopular.

I am from the hand-me-downs, the thrifted clothes, the badges of status and worth.

I am from the question askers, the doubters, the antagonist of all the just believers.

I am from the girl silenced, oppressed,  heavy-hearted, shamed by God’s well-intentioned people.

I am from the feminist rising up who dared said: ENOUGH!

I am from a new song, a new day, a new era when women speak and are heard.

I am from my sisters, my mothers, my fellow truth seekers, my Jesus women.

I am from my body, neither object or commodity.

I am from my strength, my voice, my ability to shout.

I am from South, the United States, North America.

I am from the water world, land and air meeting and living.

I am from these planets and sun and moons.

I am from the cosmos, without end stretching beyond all that

I am from….

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