Guest Post: Poetry and Pause

Today, I’m guest posting for one very talented reporter, blogger, and friend. Emily Miller and I met at the Renew and Refine Writer’s Retreat back in May. She has been featuring spiritual practices these past few weeks, and I am adding my voice with the spiritual practice of poetry. 

Dew scattered like seeds
Clinging to the silver-slicked grass
Bending low as the Sun dances
Over the trees…

Morning comes too soon. The alarms blares; the dogs whine to be let out; the coffee brews too slowly. Everything crackles with life and immediacy and the pull and tug of its busyness. My mind races through every detail of the coming day just before sunup when the world is still calm and dark and expectant. IMG_0134

“Write this blog post, go to the gym you just joined, finish up those lesson plans, revise your fiction piece…”

To read the rest please head over to Emily’s blog!

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