For Those Days….

We have all had one of those days! At some point, we need to laugh, cry, think, or just simply stay in our pajamas all day, drinking coffee, and reading a novel…

ON this my last day of being 28, I would love to stay in my pajamas, snuggled up with my puppies, and read since the weather is gray, rainy, and perfect weather for laziness. But I can’t.

So, today, I’m giving your something funny…

Something to make you cry….

Something to make you think….

Question: What things are you thinking about, listening to, or writing? Share your blogs, thoughts, whatever you like….

2 thoughts on “For Those Days….

  1. I ADORE the Wheel of Morality. And Mr. Skullhead.

    Recently watched a great documentary on Netflix called “My Date with Drew.” A guy does all kinds of crazy things to get a date with Drew Barrymore. Very funny, cute and uplifting. High recommend.

    Still loving on The Paper Raincoat. Those guys just blow my mind. Also have been listening to some Norah Jones. Tasty.

    Working on writing a piece about how Jesus isn’t really all we need. I’m a little scared about it though. (Of course, now that it’s out there, I HAVE to finish writing it!)

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