For the Love of Mr. Darcy

If I could live in the world of Pride and Prejudice, I would. No questions asked, but of course, I am assuming that I would be in the roll of Elizabeth Bennet. Why? Two words…Mr. Darcy. Large house I don’t have to clean, elegant manners, and at the end of the book, incredibly eloquent.

But this does make me wonder:

Does Mr. Darcy offer an impossible standard for guys to live up to?

What do you think? I’m working on a new series of posts and your answer will greatly help guide the discussion.

3 thoughts on “For the Love of Mr. Darcy

  1. I think you’ll need to be clear about what the standard Mr. Darcy offers. At the beginning of the novel, I believe he is very much like men we could find today, but how he opens himself up to the criticism offered by Elizabeth, allowing it to influence him…That is a little more difficult to say. But if such a wealthy man with a keen intellect and sensible balance of pride and humility with chivalrous discretion exists, I’d love to meet him.

  2. Most men (myself included) will have no idea whether we could possibly live up to the standard of Mr. Darcy. Why? Because the vast majority of men have not read Pride and Prejudice and have no clue whatsoever who he is or what he stands for.

    The majority of those of us that have heard of the fabled Mr. Darcy probably came upon that knowledge by watching chick flicks (e.g., You’ve Got Mail) with our significant others…

    Somewhat tongue-in-cheek here. I really have no clue about Mr. Darcy other than references from you’ve got mail, other movies and your post.

    I suppose some guys have read Pride and Prejudice… I probably know some that have, but none that admit it….. 😉

  3. Random commenter (though I’d welcome a notification e-mail when you write on this topic) weighing in.

    With this viewing (my first of this exchange) I must declare this is basically the character I expect of any man I classify as a “good man.”

    -One who can be affected by the words of someone else (not relationally impervious), AND acknowledge it.
    -One who knows (or can learn) he’s imperfect and is not content to live unchanged.
    -One who makes his intentions clear without imposing/forcing them on the listener.

    A man who uses any of two of these is going to be someone I’m likely to trust. I see all of these as observable “externals” that are learnable, I don’t see them as impossible, even if humbling.

    Disclaimer: I am married 10+ years, of 3rd generation intact marriages. I have perhaps a rosy view of what I think men capable of. And encourage the bachelors of my world in this whenever I get the chance.

    Does that help your project or hinder it? :}

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