Feminisms Fest 2013

Feminism is a loaded word.

When I tell people that I’m a feminist or even when you tell others, we can be subjected to their preconceived definitions of what feminism is. We fall anywhere on the scale of bra-burning male haters to Amazonian champions for women’s rights. Most of the time, there is no middle ground. We fret and argue and debate over pre-imposed ideas–many so far removed from our version of feminism that we may want to give up the whole damn thing. Sometimes, it feels like we feminists are standing on the cliffs of Insanity with  Indigo Matoya and perhaps even mutter the a variation of his line, Feminism:You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Feminism, perhaps, it doesn’t mean what we think, want, hope it to mean.

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Beginning next Tuesday, February 26, we will spend 3 days unpacking this loaded term as part of the Feminisms Fest 2013.  I would love if everyone of you would consider joining us as we write out what feminism means for us, how it has affected our life experiences, and what needs to change.

Prompts and links:
  • {Day 1} Feminism and Me: On Tuesday, February 26, link up at J.R. Goudeau’s blog,loveiswhatyoudo.com, and write about these questions: What is your experience with feminism? What’s a story or a memory or a person that you associate with that word? Why does it have negative or positive connotations for you? How do you define the term, either academically or personally? What writers have you read whose definitions you want to bring out? Or, if you don’t have a definition, what are some big questions you have?
  • {Day 2} Why It Matters: On Wednesday, February 27, link up at Danielle Vermeer’s blog, fromtwotoone.com, and write about these questions: What is at stake in this discussion? Why is feminism important to you? Are you thinking about your children or your sisters or the people that have come before you? Or, why do you not like the term? What are you concerned we’re not focusing on or we’re losing sight of when we talk about feminism? Why do you feel passionately about this topic?
  • {Day 3} What You Learned: On Thursday, February 28, link up at Preston Yancey’s blog,seeprestonblog.com, and write about these questions: What surprised you this week? What did you take away from the discussion? What blog posts did you find particularly helpful? What questions do you still have?


Would you add your voice with us? Let’s discuss feminism together!

Image credit: “F” Word Campaign

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