About Sarah

My name is Sarah.

Common yet uncommon. 

I live and breathe and think in words and colors and emotions. The world rushes by, and I want to be caught up in its broken beauty. Can you hear the wind whisper? Smell the lilacs in April, their buds alive with rain? Do you notice the honeysuckle humid summers? I do, but only when I became a poet writer.

I am a poet writer.

For years, I hid my words believing that I had nothing new to say. I was wrong. Here, I use my voice, to speak truth, to bleed out grace, to write out my soul. This is my art. These poems and words and images pull back the mask, and let you in behind the smile, behind the facade, behind all the artificialness.

And I speak to God through my poetry. But please, don’t fancy me a Christian poet, some kind of purveyor of Hallmark rhymes wrapped up in Bible clichés. I am not that kind of poet. I write out my hurts and healings to God, and my poetry may contain a few, a lot of words deemed irreverent .

I am a seeker of beauty, a seeker of truth.

All around me, the world pulses its cobbled together beauty. I want to learn to see past the mess, past the despair. Here, I write out the truth that I gather, I learn, I experience. Along the way, I hope you shall journey with me. Through poetry, I embrace my God and my art, my writing craft.

This writing life isn’t about becoming famous, but it is about learning anew this world, this great life. For me, writing this blog is my art, returning praise of my gift to the Giver.

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4 thoughts on “About Sarah

  1. Wow, Sarah…so glad I found your blog. Your experiences really hit home to me. I have recently started writing again, having believed lies for years. And I love how you are remaining true to your real self, offering up your gift to God, instead of giving in to the Christianese ridiculousness. Totally agree with you and love your stuff!

  2. Hi, Sarah! I’ve been exploring beauty a lot lately on my blog. I’m looking forward to reading more of your poetry and getting to know you at Renew and Refine. I definitely need more poetry in my life!

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