7 Quick Takes : Grad School edition

Here is my 7 Quick Takes: Grad School Edition. Go read some more 7 Quick Takes posts at The Conversion Diary!
1.Grad school severely cut into my quality television consumption. Seriously…I would go to work, come home, begin homework, go to bed. Maybe, on Friday, I would catch up on some of the shows I had missed during the week, but most of the time someone had already posted the show’s climatic ending or the running joke throughout the comedy. Thanks, oh Facebook friends! So rather than give up my social media, I gave up the TV. Besides, it is far less time consuming to read a status update than watch an hour long show.

2.Besides cutting into my TV time, grad school severely limited my reading for fun time. Now, if you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know I have my graduate degree in English. So, you may be scratching your head in confusion—grad school= LOTS of reading, you love reading, how is this not fun for you? Now, I would be a liar if I didn’t say how much I enjoyed reading Shakespeare, Chaucer, Christine de Pizan, T.S. Eliot, and H.D. Then there are the “if I have to read another word of this, I will go stark, raving MAD” list—Cognitive Reading theory, Rushdie, anything by Ezra Pound…I will end the list because I simply want to keep my sanity. This is just the main text lists…we haven’t yet begun to discuss all the badly written critical pieces about the main texts or how long those critical articles are or how many or how many trees I slaughtered to print said articles…Suffice to say, most of the readings were not fun.

3.Outside the four walls of the university, no one speaks academic-ese. Don’t be so heart-broken when no one else seems interested in your awesome seminar paper or latest research project. This is usually because your seminar paper title is intimidating. Why? Look at the lengthy title. I can guarantee your title has something superbly pithy then a colon because ALL good seminar papers have a colon in the title then academic nonsense…see quite intimidating for the non-academic or anyone for that matter.

4.While we are talking about academic lingo, I have found that my kids always knew when it was paper writing season. Again, I began talking to them in academic nonsense. Here is an example of said conversation:
Kid: That’s NOT fair!
Me: Your perception of fairness is based upon a socially constructed model in which your power has been nullified due to the perceived hegemonic state. While you may believe that we have placed you in the position of the other, thus, removing your agency and subject status, the speech act of “that’s not fair” does represent your ability to speak back to the your perceived hegemonic state.
Kid: (utter silence and walks away confused)
This may explain why my kids avoided talking to me whilst I was writing papers

5.Grad school increases your need for coffee, junk food, and wine…oh, wait, and long relaxing bubble baths because your nerves are shot. Of course, the increased dependence upon take-out.

6.Grad school will teach you that sanity is overrated.

7.You will be dependent upon YouTube for new music… here is the new favorite song along with some awesome references to literature. Enjoy!

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