31 Days of Poetry{day 18} There Will Be Pain

  Welcome to 31 Days of Poetry!

As a fellow poet-writer, we feel pain. Perhaps, more acutely than we would like to let on the world. We feel the life- blood of the cosmos pulsing around us. We see horrors from across the time zones, and it stabs us in our tenderest bits of compassion.

We mourn with the dead. We rejoice when the living are cancer free or found or simply alive with us–eating, drinking. And maybe, we poet-writers are the only ones who understand how to really deal with tragedy, to immortalize it with words or ink or paint. Our grief stains the galleries and bookshelves of the world, and we turn ugly horrors into something better.

But it is a burden that we carry–how do we deal with this pain? How do we redeem it?

watch the skies fade

into blueblack ash

from scarlet fires.

night compresses

clutching your inner-self–

strangleholds and air escapes

faster, faster, faster…

burning and seering

memories tumble out.

you try to forget

how your shitload feels

piled high on your back.

you ache, you cry.

but this–

stroke of the pen

on paper to words

to life and breath

corners your pain

like a rabid dog caged…

and sets you free.

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