31 Days of Poetry {day 17} Ritual

Welcome to 31 Days of Poetry!

We are nearing the end of the month, and I hope that you have enjoyed the journey thus far.

If not, Google some puppy pictures and come back because we all know that puppies make everything better.

(Unless your puppies have taken to humping each other under your writing desk, but that happened to a friend).

Today, I’m covering the idea of ritual…or if you prefer, the ceremony prior to writing poetry.


when i sit down

ass in chair, screen blinks

the words away from my heart and hands.

i dredge the bottom of everything i know

for a something, a somewhere to begin.

i open up my last trick–

the one that feels like hokum ,

the one that chafes against reason,

i begin my ritual.

i shuffle papers away, stack the sticky notes,

light a candle(pumpkin today)

dust and shelve the books–

clear away the junk and clutter

because all these things

clog my brain and stop the wheels and words.

from cranking out on the page and screen.

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